The 10 advantages of working with us !

Production site Solingen
Solingen is the best known German production location for the manufacture of cutlery. Almost all important knife manufacturers from Germany produce here.

Made in Germany
"Made in Germany" is an additional attribute that stands for quality. All the knife steels we use are manufactured exclusively in Germany. An optimally hardened and ground blade is the prerequisite for a knife with a long-term guarantee.

90 years of experience
We have 90 years of experience in the manufacture of professional knives, and are one of the world's leading manufacturers.

Direct cooperation with the manufacturer
Cooperation with us means that you can buy directly from the manufacturer and benefit from their advice and experience.

7 professional knife series
We have 7 different professional knife series in our range, which are specially tailored to the wishes of customers in the meat processing industry.

6 boning knife handles
We offer six different boning knife handles to cover every requirement and taste. These are pleasant to the hand and allow you to work almost without fatigue.

Different handle colours
We offer numerous safety colours as standard - the right solution for every need. From a quantity of 100 pieces we offer knives in any desired colour.

Traceability through individual number
All professional knives have an individual serial number and a matrix code on the blade to allow traceability. It is also possible to apply your own numbering.

Food safety
Our professional knives are all "food safe" and comply with the directives according to EC regulation 1935/2004, 2023/2006, 2002/72, 2007/19, 2002/72, 10/2011 and 19357/2004.

With professional knives, money must be earned. The more optimally the product is designed and meets its requirements, the more effective it is. This means a considerable price advantage over low-cost suppliers, whose products may appear cheaper at first glance, but are more expensive in total. The well-known saying "... bought cheap is bought twice...." finds its confirmation here in the truest sense of the word.

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